Another Life Call of a Woman

Many times probably we have heard that life is a choice. What does it actually mean? Basically life itself has given all of us both man and woman some choices except a few of things those have been God’s secrets such as we couldn’t choose either who will be our parents or when will we be born. Those choices are started from lots of small things around our life. When we were five, we prefer to eat chocolate ice cream better than donuts. We like to make a friend with smiley John because of his cheerfulness when we were in elementary school. We decided to wear pink gown rather than the green one in a teenage prom night and so on.

We will have more choices of life as time goes by. One of those most important choices is what we named as a life call. Several people are called to be a professional such as doctor, lawyer, lecturer, pharmacist, and entrepreneur while the other are called being an artist, singer, painter, dancer or might be a movie director. While some people have run their profession, a number of people are still fighting to find their calling.

For us who are a woman, actually we have one more choice of our life call. Being a housewife actually is also our life choice. It always has its own uniqueness as we have ever seen in “Desperate Housewives”. I think being a housewife is a great profession which is not less worthy than an accountant or other public profession. I said so because many great housewives could create ways of successfulness either for her husband and children. Their profession probably can’t be seen directly and sometimes tend to be underestimated, but it has many deep impacts to bring more successfulness. It’s true as something that worth enough, isn’t it?