More Inspiration by Drinking Coffee

A large number of people are very fond of drinking coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee has been a common habit of some people especially for womankind like us. Some women initially drink coffee to stimulate their awareness and avoid sleepy feeling so that their performance would be better. This habit is allowed and quite useful as long as it doesn’t exceed permitted limits because however we have to take a rest to cure our body condition.

Along with era progress, drinking coffee has become part of life styles of many modern women. Besides stimulating performance, they usually drink coffee to reduce tiredness and forget weariness as well as eliminate stress from our mind for a while. Continue reading “More Inspiration by Drinking Coffee”

Some Problems with High Body Posture for Women

Having a proportional body height might be a dream for large number of people in the world. All people certainly don’t want to be either a stunted or long-legged person. Both for men and women, having an unideal body height might cause several social problems such as social acceptance and lack of self confidence.

These problems are especially more felt by womankind who has quite high body posture. At least that’s what is happened to a Spanish woman named Svetlana Pankratova. By her 2 meters height and feet long that reach 132 centimeters, Continue reading “Some Problems with High Body Posture for Women”

Having Curly Hair

I think that every woman ought to take care of her appearance whatever and wherever she is: a career woman who spends her more times in office, a college student with a lot of outdoor activities, even a housewife who just stays at home to take care of her children. One thing that almost always gets women’s attention is their hair style. Some women like to try ‘hair rebounding’ for straightening their curly hair while they who have curly hair want to do hair perm to get their hair waved. The others have their hair colored with both single and even multi colors all at once in order to get new shiny face. One that doesn’t less popular in women community is hair extension which is the most effective and fastest way to have a long hair only in minutes.

Each woman nowadays may choose which kind of those hair styles that suitable for her. I haven’t had either hair coloring or hair extension before but I get my hair permed right now. Actually I have had black hair with a slight curl already which was straightened by hair rebounding method several times ago. Having straight hair has given some easiness especially because it’s easy to combed and neatened shortly. Nevertheless it’s not sufficient in detaining me to try a hair perm. Having curly hair gives more easiness than straight one since we don’t have to comb our hair many times because it could damage many nice waves which have been formed at our hair.