Making Money by Selling Photos of Baby

Selling photo of baby exclusively to the media becomes new trend since the Jolie family. A number of Hollywood celebrities decided to sell photos of their baby at exorbitant prices to the media. The same has also been done by the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are selling pictures of their daughter Shiloh to People magazine worth 4 million dollars.

Kareena Kapoor who is now pregnant with her first son of Saif Ali Khan did not escape the target of a number of media. Reportedly, many media that have offered prices for exclusive photos her unborn child is expected to be born around December.

But unfortunately, Kareena does not plan to sell her baby pictures with billions of rupiah. Although time was tempted, the star of the movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” resisting all bids that have been submitted.

“Kareena flooded with offers to photograph her baby from a number of different media. He was touched by it,” said a source, as reported from BollywoodLife. “But he would not do it, although she enjoyed the bargain.”

Meanwhile, Kareena and Saif will certainly spend time together enjoying baby moon to Dubai. Saif himself had completed all his film projects and Kareena delaying filming his latest movie “Veere In Wedding” starring with Sonam Kapoor

Shocking Kareena Kapoor Pregnancy

Although pregnant, Kareena Kapoor always look fashionable in all situations. Even with his performance, he did not look like a mother who will give birth in the near future.

However, it seems that the style of dress in a state of pregnancy when Kareena was inspired by someone. Who else if not Kim Kardashian that is always fashionable, especially when pregnant second child some time ago.

The photos below will prove that style berbuasana wife of Saif Ali Khan are almost identical with Kim K style with a distended abdomen. One is when Kareena wore a pink blush maxi with open shoulders. The difference is, Kim was wearing tighter clothes.

Kareena Kapoor dress style similar to Kim Kardashian is not only seen once. Once upon a time she wore a black maxi dress wrapped blazer, Kareena in an event, too. Though it is the clothing worn both do not like 100 percent.

On the other hand, pregnancy Kareena has now entered the 7th month. He is expected to give birth to her first son in December.

Between Music of India or Indonesia

Indonesia and India have almost many same factors inside the nation. Both countries get freedom from western colonization. India got independence earlier than Indonesia thus India is the first country that acknowledges the Independence of Indonesia back in 1945. What about both music style? With same multicultural and people with many kind of religions, India and Indonesia develop a different combination in music. Because I am Indonesian, I know about music genre called Dangdut, a series of music rhythm especially for majority people in the low and middle class. If you look back to the India’s music, you would see some similarities between Indonesia’s Dangdut and India’s music. How to compare them? Just see on the public video provider such as Youtube.

In spite of the fact the thousand kilometers are the distance between India and Indonesia but both countries share same interest in the many kind of music. Dangdut is not the only music genre in Indonesia. There are tons different more.