Where Does Kareena Kapoor Move In?

New day after the Eid Mubarak, now we post new information.

If you are truly fans of Kareena Kapoor then you won’t miss the new info about where she will go. Expecting her first child makes life Kareena Kapoor lot has changed. Now he is not only thinking of herself and her husband, Saif Ali Khan. But also think about how the lives of children who are now in the womb.

One of the things that is now being considered by the couple are their dwellings. That said, the couple will move from the apartment in Bandra which has been inhabited by both.

Quoted by the Times of India, Kareena and Saif will be moving to an apartment they bought in 2013 ago. The new place is located in Khar area is much larger with four floors, while the building area of approximately 914 square meters. This is really comfortable place for their next future baby. Congratz for both of you. Hope the baby born will give both of you happiness.

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